Of course, the price that you pay will ultimately depend on your needs and preferences. Do you only need a translation or is editing also required? Do you need a sworn translation? Is the translation urgent? Is SEO an important factor? We also take account of the level of difficulty and nature of the text. In other words: we like to provide you with a bespoke quotation.  Any changes that the client makes to a translation can be included or checked free of charge up to two weeks after delivery.


Pricing very much depends on the nature of the correction work required. After all, adjusting the punctuation is easier than assessing and amending a text for its effectiveness. The linguistic quality of the text also affects the price for editing/revision. As a rule of thumb, we only determine the price after viewing the text and receiving a full briefing from the client.
We’re happy to offer our clients free-of-charge advice on choice of vocabulary or a solution to a minor language issue.

Subsequent to a thorough discussion with you about the assignment, we will be pleased to draw up a suitable quotation – entirely without obligation.

Interpreting fees

After a detailed briefing from the client (language pair, location, hours, whisper sets, cabins) and information about the interpreter (travel times, travel expenses), we will be happy to offer a bespoke quotation, with no obligation.

We take a proactive approach to our clients’ needs. When consulting on a potential assignment, we’re happy to provide free-of-charge advice on:

  • enhancing the impact of the translation (on the target group, within the target culture)
  • reducing the costs payable by the client
  • one-stop-shopping