We translate with great precision

Precision – which ensures that the wording of the translation achieves the same effect as the original language – is not restricted solely to the production of a lucid and flowing translation. Precision also entails using accepted grammatical rules and taking account of the cultural values and linguistic etiquette of the readers of the translation. As a result, precision is only possible if the translator possesses a thorough knowledge of the relevant language, combined with highly developed communications skills.
Since Tindemans Translations possesses both these qualities to a high degree, our translations communicate your message equally effectively in every language.
The following is just a selection of the types of translation we can provide for you:

Translations to or from Dutch, from or into every foreign language – for every conceivable type of text

>For example, letters, contracts, websites, terms and conditions, manuals, speeches, leaflets, company and staff magazines, annual reports, reports, forms, technical specifications, quotations, academic articles, policy plans, posters, biographies, advertising copy, press releases, scenarios, librettos, subtitles, jubilee books, etc.
Translations within one language, from one category of document to another

For example:

minutes > article in company magazine

speech > foreword for annual report

annual report > press release

Sworn translations

Legal or notarial translations such as contracts, changes of address, patent applications, official extracts, testimonials, or writs of summons.

Glossary database

Tindemans Translations uses glossary databases in which the client’s specific business jterminology is stored. The client’s personal wishes and their feedback are incorporated into the database, assuring the client that translations are always written in their own language and style and therefore fit in with their specific business culture.