Welcome to Tindemans Translations

Tindemans Translations, for all your translating, editing and copywriting needs.

The Tindemans Translations team is comprised of professional, reliable and experienced native-speaker translators, editors and copywriters under the management of Cara Tindemans. Cara, herself a sworn translator, has many years’ linguistic experience and is therefore an expert in the use of language. She is also able to assess her translators both in terms of their professional skills, and in terms of the feeling for style and subtlety of meaning they need to possess in each language.

In addition, depending on the client’s requirements, Tindemans Translations also collaborates with a variety of other specialists such as art directors, legal advisers, graphic designers, and support services.

Tindemans Translations is a small agency, with short lines of communications. This means we are able to maintain personal contacts with our clients, and complete our assignments on time and at an appropriate price.