How we work

We are professional

Our team is comprised of experienced staff, all of whom have a proven track record in their specific professional field. Moreover, all of them have highly developed communication skills, thereby ensuring that due attention is paid to all of the less tangible elements involved in effective communication. Our approach is characterised by our quality, reliability and enthusiasm.

We are customer-oriented

Your needs are our needs. Perhaps you have a preference for one-stop-shopping? If so, you’ve come to the right address when you call on Tindemans Translations. We can assume the responsibility for the entire project – the preparation of the copy, the translations, the layout, printing and distribution. Alternatively, we can compile an inventory of necessary subtitles; or we can take care of the distribution of mailings to addresses requested by us. You can therefore rest easy when you entrust your project to us, since we know precisely what is feasible, when, and at what price.

If you would prefer to remain closely involved in the translating or copywriting work on your document, we can arrange to carry out the work on location.

We supply customized solutions

For us, ‘customized’ means the delivery of work in the fastest, most secure and most convenient manner for you.

We ensure rapid and safe deliveries of our products by e-mail, fax, or courier. Moreover, we will be pleased to accommodate your wishes for the type of word processing software used, the font and the type and format of paper you need – offering you added convenience and a valuable time saving. For us, flexibility is standard!